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Adding Brands

In this article, you will get to know more about how you add brands.

To access Brands, you start out by clicking on 📦 Products in the menu on the left-hand side,  followed by clicking on Brands. The overview below will appear. 


Screenshot 2020-08-04 at 22.10.26


Click on the "+ / plus" button in the upper right corner, to create a brand. The window below will appear.


Screenshot 2020-08-04 at 22.12.33

Here you type in the name of the Brand and upload a brand logo. To do so, simply click on the "+ / plus" button and upload the logo file followed by clicking "Save".


N.B. we recommend using either JPEG or PNG files. 


Editing, deleting, and activating Brands

If you have several brands you can change the order in which they appear to your Retailers and Buyers with the drag-and-drop functionality. 





A Brand is active when the box on the left-hand side is ticked off. Conversely, a Brand is deactivated if the box is not ticked off.




Add Brand to a Product

You can add the Brand(s) you just created to your products by going to Products in the left-hand side menu and clicking on Products. 

Now open the Product you want to add a Brand to. The window below will appear.



Then you can simply add the Brand(s) that was just created (Brand 1, Brand 2 or Brand 3). Remember to complete by hitting "Save" in the bottom of the "Add new product" window.