Bulk Uploading - Products

In this article, you will get to know more about how you bulk upload your product data.

Bulk uploading your product data is a great tool that allows you to upload all your product data at once. The process itself is rather simple and all you need to do, is to fill in your product data into the Turis product template file.


The following guideline will take you through the steps of how to do this. 

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Step 1: Upload product images to Media Library


The first thing that has to be in place before Bulk Uploading your product data, is to make sure all the product images are uploaded into the 🖼️ Media Library in Turis.  


💡 Pro Tip! give your product images a simple file name, such as the SKU or the product title. This will be of great help, when linking the product with the images file(s) in the Turis' product template file.



You upload your product images by going to 🖼️ Media Library in the menu on the left-hand side. 



Now click on the "+ / plus" button in the upper right corner and the window below will open.



Then you can either drag the images you want to upload into the dotted square or click on it to search your local drive. 



Once you have added all your product images to the Media Library remember to click "Save" to upload them. You are now ready to go step 2.







Step 2: Download template


To begin with, click on 🛠️ Tools in the menu on the left-hand side, followed by clicking on Bulk uploader. Your window should look like this now.




Now click on "Select from list" and the dropdown will unfold, for you to choose what type of data upload you want to do. Here you select "Products".



Your window should now look like this.



Here you click on the "Download template" button, to download the Turis product template CSV. 


🔔 Please note: if you need to convert the CSV into an excel file you can follow these four simple steps: 


1. Open the file and go to the Data tab in excel


2. Click on Text to Columns 


3. Now choose Delimited and click next > 


4. Finally, click on comma and click finish


The product template has now been converted into a regular excel sheet.



🔔 Please note: you can also use Google Sheets, if you are not using Microsoft Excel. 




Step 3: Fill in your product data


Some fields are required to be filled out, in order to upload the Turis product template. The table below will explain what all the fields mean.



💡 Pro Tip! to save yourself time and resources, you can extract your product data from your ERP or accounting system and copy it into the Turis product template.



Product name * (required)

the name or title of the product


the brand the product belongs to. If it is your own brand, then add your brand name here

SKU * (required)

the SKU (product/article number) this is a unique identifier, meaning it has to be a unique ID/name

EAN (barcode)

the EAN or barcode of the product


the name of the variant such as “t-shirt”

Variant Title (Color, Flavor, Style)

the color, flavor or style of the variant such as “blue or red”

Size / Volume

the size or volume of the given product such as "small or medium"

Category * (required)

the name of the category the product should belong to

Sub category

the sub category the product should belong to


the color of the product

Primary material

the material the product is made of

Dimensions (HxWxD)

the dimensions of the product – height, width and depth

Currencies (EUR, USD, GBP etc.)

Based on the currencies selected in the Settings > Currencies. This is the wholesale price, meaning the price you give to your customers/retailers

RRP (EUR, USD, GBP etc.)

Recommended Retailing Price, meaning the price you recommend your customers/retailers to resell the product at

Stock * (required)

the stock level, meaning the number of products you have available in stock

Update stock via ERP (True / False)

Choose ‘True’ if your stock should be updated via your ERP system. Choose ‘False’ if not

Allow backorders (True / False)

Backorders mean you can allow customers to purchase and place orders, on items that are not in stock. If you want to allow that choose ‘True’ and vice versa if you do not want that

Case quantity * (required)

the number of units/products that are in a case. If you sell 1-by-1 then type in 1 and if you sell multiple units/products per case then add the number that makes up a case for you


the description of the product

New Product (True / False)

if it is a new product choose ‘True’ and it will get a ‘New’ label inside Turis. If not, then choose ‘False’


the exact name of the image file. So, if the image file you uploaded to the Media Library is called “SKU1001” then type in that file name.


If you have multiple product images you split/separate them up by adding a percentage sign (%) between the file name of the product images, e.g.: SKU1001%SKU1001_2%SKU1001_3








Step 4: Convert to CSV and upload to Turis


Once you have added all your product data to the template, you can now convert the file to a CSV. You do so by following these steps: 


Microsoft Excel: 

1. Click on File in the upper left corner 

2. Then select Save as and select where on your computer you want to save the file

3. Finally, save it as a CSV (Comma delimited) 



Google Sheets: 

1. Click on File in the upper left corner

2. Then select Download and choose Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet)




Now you go back to Turis and into the Bulk uploader section.



Add the product template CSV file.



Hit the "Upload" button and your product data will be uploaded into Turis. 



Your product data has now been uploaded to Turis, and can be found and viewed in the 📦 Products section.