Bulk Uploading - Retailers

In this article, you will get to know more about how you bulk upload your retailer data.

This article will dive into how you upload your retailer data into Turis all at once. All you need to do, is to fill in your data into the Turis retailer template and upload it. 


The following guideline will take your through the steps of you do this. 



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Step 1: Download template


Go to 🛠️ Tools in the menu on the left-hand side, followed by clicking on Bulk uploader. Your window should look like this now.





Now click on "Select from list" and the dropdown will unfold, for you to choose what type of data upload you want to do. Here you select "Retailers".



Your window should now look like this.



Here you click on the "Download template" button, to download the Turis retailer template CSV. 


🔔 Please note: if you need to convert the CSV into an excel file you can follow these four simple steps: 


1. Open the file and go to the Data tab in excel


2. Click on Text to Columns 


3. Now choose Delimited and click next > 


4. Finally, click on comma and click finish


The retailer template has now been converted into a regular excel sheet.



🔔 Please note: you can also use Google Sheets, if you are not using Microsoft Excel. 








Step 2: Fill in your retailer data


Some fields are required to be filled out, in order to upload the Turis retailer template. The table below will explain what all the fields mean.




💡 Pro Tip! to save yourself time and resources, you can extract your retailer data from your ERP or accounting system and copy it into the Turis retailer template.



Customer no the customer number/ID of your customer. Transfer the customer number/ID you use in your ERP or accounting system
Company name * (required) the name of the company/retailer
Address * (required) the address of the company/retailer
Zip Code * (required) the zip or postal code of the company/retailer
City * (required) the city the company/retailer is located in
Country * (required) the country where the company/retailer is located
States the state the company/retailer is based in, if any
Delivery term the delivery term that applies to the retailer e.g. "CFR, CIF etc.", 
Vat no. * (required) the Vat number of the retailer. Vat no. is unique for each retailer, meaning two retailers cannot have the same Vat no.
Website the URL of the company's/retailer's website
Email * (required) the email address of the company/retailer
Order Confirmation Email Address the email address the company/retailer would like to receive order confirmations at
Phone No. the phone number of the company/retailer
Currency the currency that is specific to this company/retailer. This means the currency this company/retailer should shop in
Special Price List a special or unique pricing list that is linked to a currency and overrules the regular prices. Please not the lowest price will always overrule in Turis
Free Shipping Limit a company/retailer specific free shipping limit that is unique and only applies to this company/retailer
Discount (%) a discount that is specific and unique for this retailer, if any. E.g. "10%, 15,% etc.". You can set whatever discount you want 
Payment terms (days)

the payment terms that is specific for the company/retailer, if any. E.g. "0 days (Pre-payment), 7 days, 14 days etc.". You can add as many days you want. Only include number here, do not type in "days"

Company email domain sign-up (True / False) setting this to "True" will enable all users with the same email domain to sign-up and vice versa if set to "False"   
Contract Customer (True / False)

setting this to "True" will allow this specific company/retailer to buy single units instead of cases. If set to "False" the company/retailer will then have to buy in cases







Step 3: Convert to CSV and upload to Turis


Once you have added all your retailer data to the template, you can now convert the file to a CSV. You do so by following these steps: 


Microsoft Excel: 

1. Click on File in the upper left corner 

2. Then select Save as and select where on your computer you want to save the file

3. Finally, save it as a CSV (Comma delimited) 



Google Sheets: 

1. Click on File in the upper left corner

2. Then select Download and choose Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet)



Now go back to Turis and into the Bulk uploader section.



Add the retailer template CSV file.



Hit the "Upload" button and your retailer data will be uploaded into Turis. 




Your retailer data has now been uploaded to Turis, and can be found and viewed in the 👤 Users section under Retailers.