In this article, you will get to know more about how you add and set up categories as well as sub categories

To give your users a manageable and simple overview, you can set up Categories and Sub categories. Setting up Categories will essentially help your users navigate your Turis webshop with ease.


There are two ways to create and set up Categories in Turis. 

  1. In the Products section, when you create a product manually 
  2. In the Categories section


1. Creating Categories - Products section

To create a Category from the products section, you firstly go to Products followed by clicking on "+ / plus". The "Add new product" menu opens and you scroll down to 🏷️ Category and Sub category.



Now you click on the "Select options *" and the Category dropdown will unfold. 



You then click "Add category" and type in a name for the Category, followed by clicking "Save".



For the Sub category, follow the same procedure. Click on the "Select options " and the Sub category dropdown will unfold. 



You then click "Add category" and type in a name for the Sub category, followed by clicking "Save".


After hitting "Save" your menu should look like this.



You have now created a Category and a Sub category for that specific product to belong to. 

If you go to Categories in the menu on the left-hand side and click on it, you should see this overview now.




It will look like this on the front-end of your webshop for your buyers.



N.B. if the box(es) is not ticked off, the Category and Sub category will not be visible to your buyers on the frontend of your webshop.





2. Creating Categories - Categories section

    To access Categories, you start out by clicking on Categories in the menu on the left-hand side. 



    Next, you click on the "+ / plus" button in the upper right corner, to create a Category. The window below will appear.



    Here you type in the name of the Category, in the field "Insert Category Name". 



    Clicking "Save" will create a new Category and the Categories overview will look like this.






    If you want to assign it to an already existing Category, and thus assign it as a Sub category, you then click on the Parent Category and the window will look like this.



    Clicking "Save" will create and assign "Test Category 2" to "Test Category 1" as a Sub category.




    You can rearrange the structure and hierarchy of the Categories by dragging and dropping the selected Category and/or Sub category.