In this article, you will get to know more about how you manage settings related to your retailers such as payment terms and special price lists

You will specifically learn more about: 





To access Companies, you start out by clicking on ⚙️ Settings in the menu on the left-hand side followed by clicking on Companies. 



The window will now look like this.







Defining Payment Terms

Here you can manage the Payment Terms that you want to apply for your Retailers. Specifically this means how many days of credit your customers have before they have to pay for their order.


🔔 Please note: the first time you logged in to Turis you configured your Payment Terms in the Setup Wizard.



Some of the most common Payment Terms are:

  • 0 (prepayment)
  • 7 days
  • 14 days
  • 30 days
  • 60 days


However, in Turis you can define and customize your Payment Terms, with the number of days that suits you and your business.


To add a new Payment Term click the “+ / plus” and type in the number of days in the new field. You can add as many Payment Terms as you like.





When you are done remember to hit “Save“.


When you have created all the different Payment Terms, you can assign them to your Retailers. This will be explained and elaborated in the following section.




Assigning Payment Terms to a Retailer

Firstly, go to 👤 Users in in the menu on the left-hand side followed by clicking Retailers.




Now select the Retailer you want to assign a Payment Term to, by clicking on it.




For the sake of the example we will select the Retailer Mages. You window should look like this now.




Now click on "Payment terms (days)" and the dropdown menu will unfold.



Then you simply select the Payment Term you want assign and apply for this Retailer. 



Hit "Save" once you are done, to save the selected Payment Term.



🔔 Please note: The Payment Terms will be visible to the customer when they order, and on all you orders in the Orders section.




Special Price Lists

Turis enables you to offer discounts and specified prices to your customers in various ways. With the Special Price List feature you can give a specific or selected Retailers special prices on specific products.


Creating a Special Price List is done in three steps. The first step is to create the Special Price List itself.


Step 1: Creating a Special Price List

To create a new Special Price List click the “+ / plus”.



Then you type in the name of the list and assign a currency that you want to be applicable for the Special Price List you are creating.




When you press "Save" the Special Price List is added to the catalogue of lists.










Step 2: Assign Price(s)

Once you have created the Special Price List you now have to assign a price that applies to it. 


To do so, go to 📦 Products in the menu on the left-hand side.



Now select the given product you want to add to the Special Price List.





Click on "Manage Special Price lists" and the window below will appear.



Now you just type in the special price that you want to apply for the product and press save.


🔔 Please note: the customer will always be presented with the lowest price, meaning if the Special Price List has a higher price than the normal price, the customer will then see the lowest price (the normal price).  


*you set the normal price by clicking the manage prices button.




Remember to click "Save" once you are done.



There are no limitations to how many products or Retailers you can connect to a Special Price List – it can be from 0 to indefinitely.

You can create as many Special Price Lists as you want.


Step 3: Add Retailer(s) to list 

Final step is to link the Special Price List with one or more of your Retailers.


Firstly, go to 👤 Users and click on Retailers.



Find the Retailer you want to link and assign to the Special Price List.



Here we select our Retailer Mages again.



When we click on Special Price List, the dropdown menu unfolds and we now get the option to select the list we created in the step 1.  




Remember to click "Save" once you are done. 



You have now created, priced and linked a Special Price List to a Retailer. 

This means whenever Mages buys the Green T-Shirt (SKU #3000052) it will be at the special price of 8 EUR, instead of the normal price (10 EUR) that applies to all other Retailers of this shop.