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How do I create and add a new special price list for my retailers?
How do I create and add a new special price list for my retailers?

Want to create special price lists for your retailers? Follow the steps below and you will have the prices for your retailer up in no time.

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  1. Firstly you want to create and name your new special price lists (SPL). You can create this in your Settings -> Companies and press the +/plus button under Special Price List.

2. Then you choose a name and what currency the SPL should be and save.

3. When the SPL is created in setting, you now go to your product page.

4. Choose a product you want to add a Special price to and press the button that says “Manage Special Price Lists”

5. Now fill out the price and save this.

🔔Please note: If no price is filled or filled with “0”, the retailer will not see the products.

6. When you return back to the product card again, save once again.

7. Repeat this process (step 4-8) for all products that needs to be assigned to the new SPL

🔔Pro tip: If you have more than a few products you want to add new prices to, we recommend using the bulk uploader for prices to do this, to save more time. You can find a guide for this right here: Link to price bulk uploader.

8. When all new prices have been added to the products, go to the retailer page.

9. Find the retailer you want to add the price list to, and open the retailer card.

10. In the retailer card you will find an drop down called ‘Special Price List’

11. Open drop down and choose the SPL you created earlier and save.

12. When the retailer log-in they will now see the products you have assigned to them with the prices chosen.

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