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This article explains how you can update the prices on you products.

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To update a price for multiple products or multiple prices for multiple products, you can benefit from using the bulk uploader for prices. To find this you go into tools and find the bulk uploader and choose prices in the drop down. When prices are chosen, you can download a template and open it in excel or google sheets. With this template you can edit RRP, prices and special price lists.

When first opening the template, we recommend deleting all the columns with prices you are not editing, so if you are only editing one special price list, you should delete all other prices.

Please note: If you don’t delete the prices you are not editing, all prices within these different prices and price lists will be changed to 0.

Example: We are only editing prices for the segment 5 special price list, we are therefore deleting all other prices.

Now we are down to only having the columns with the SKU’s and the price list we want to edit.

Now we want to add all the SKU’s, we want to edit the price on, to the column and the new prices.

Please note the decimals in the prices should be separated by a period and NOT a comma. This is because when you are finished with editing the sheet, you have to save the file as a .CSV (Comma Separated file).

Please note if you are using Google sheets, you can set the country to USA in the settings, which will automatically set the separator to a period. (We recommend doing this as opposed to writing the period yourself)

When all new prices have been added to the SKU’s, you can download the file to your PC as a .CSV file.

Then you go back into the bulk uploader, make sure that you have chosen prices in the drop down(Like when you first downloaded the template) and select the .csv file to add it to the bulk uploader. Then you are ready to hit upload

When the upload is complete, your screen should look like this.

Please note, that if you have added SKU’s with a typing error or are non-existing to the platform, these will not update. The system will let you know what SKU’s were not edited in the upload.

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