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Forms - Request to become a retailer
Forms - Request to become a retailer

In this article, you will get to know more about how you set up the request-to-become-a-retailer-form in Turis.

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How forms work and what it does

With the Forms feature you get to set up a request-to-become-a-retailer form, which will help you getting new retailers easier. The purpose of Forms is to help you manage retailer requests more effectively and efficiently as well as have it all in one place. Further, you get to customize the design of the form, to make it represent your brand and company the best way possible.

To access Forms, you start out by clicking on 🛠️ Tools in the menu on the left-hand side followed by clicking on Forms.

Your window will now look like this.

Click on the "+ / plus" in the upper right corner to start creating your Form.

The next section will go into detail about how you set it all up and what the different fields mean.

How to create and setting it up

This section will take you through how to set up the various fields, how you add fields and how you customize the Forms template.


The first thing you need to set up are the application fields.

Application title (internal): this is the internal title of the application you are setting up and it is required you assign some sort of title here.

* It is required you fill out this field.

Application form URL: this is the URL of the application form you are creating. You can give it whatever URL you like. It is however recommended to keep it simple and straightforward such as wholesale-application or retailer-form.

* It is required you fill out this field.

💡 Pro Tip! you can use this link to create a wholesale application button on your B2C website. When new potential retailers see your brand, they can use this application form to submit a request to become a retailer of your products.

Application header: this is the header of the application, which is visible and displayed to the the ones filling out the form. It is recommended to keep it simple, such as wholesale application or retailer form.

* It is required you fill out this field.

Application introduction text: this is the introduction text, where you can tell a little bit more about your company, how the form works, what information you need from them, answer time etc.

* It is required you fill out this field.

Input fields

Forms come with six pre-defined input fields. If you do not like the order of how the input fields are structured, you can then easily move them around by clicking on the three green circles to the left and then drag the field to where you would like it instead.

Further, you can add new or extra input fields to get the information you like or need from the requester. To do so, simply click on the "+ / plus" and you can create your own field.

After clicking "+ / plus" the window below will open.

Here you firstly choose the field type. Click on the "Field type" field and the dropdown menu will unfold.

If you want the field to be required, then simply tick the "Required" box below Field type.

Next is the "Field name", where you give the field you are creating a name. This could be "Tell us a little bit more about yourself", "VAT no." or whatever you think the form is missing.

After giving the input field a name you need to decide what kind of validation that can be put in to the field.

Once you are done remember to click the "Save" button to save the changes you have made.

When you have clicked "Save" the new input field will be placed under "Add extra input fields". Here you can add it to the form you are creating by clicking "add" on the right side of the input field.

If you want to edit or delete the input field you just created, then simply click on the three green dots.

💡 Pro Tip! consider what information you want to get from the requester and add the input field to your form. Information such as VAT no. is nice to have from the beginning.


In this section you get to customize the color schemes, edit button label as well as adding a link to your website.

Add your logo: click on the "+ / plus" to add your logo. It is recommended to add a logo with transparent or no background.

* It is required to add a logo.

Add background image: click on the "+ / plus" to add a background image. It can either be a plain colored background image, one with your products on or something completely else - get creative.

* It is required to add a background image.

Primary color: this is the color of the button. Click on the field to start customizing the color you want for the button.

To change the color, simply click or drag the color picker (the little white circle) around on the color chart, to find the color you like. Or if you have a signature color scheme you and your brand uses, you can also add the exact Hex color code.

Edit button label: you can edit the text of the button label. Simply just insert the word or sentence you want to use.

Link to your website: this is where you add the link to your website. The link will be listed in the bottom of the form, so that requesters can visit your website.

* It is required to add a link.

You can preview the work you have been doing at any time by clicking the green preview button. However, remember to click the "Save" button before previewing.

This is what the Form or Wholesale Application look like now.

What message do the requester get when the form is submitted?

When the form is filled out and clicking 'Submit Request' this pop-up will appear, telling the requester that it is submitted and the shop will get back as soon as possible.

After creating and adding the Form, your Forms section will now look like this.

The URL is the specific link for your Form / Wholesale application. If you click on the two green squares you will copy the link.

💡 Pro Tip! you may want to add your new Form / Wholesale Application to your website. You can use the link to create a Wholesale Application button on your website and thereby redirect new potential retailers to the form.

You can update and edit the Form at any time by clicking on the little green pen. If you click the cross at the end it will delete the entire form.


When you receive a new submission it will be displayed like you see below.

🔔 Please note: the submissions section is where you view, accept or decline the submissions that have been made.

You can now switch between the Form itself and Submissions. Simply click on the toggle, to switch between those two.

You view a request by clicking the field of the one you want to open and view. Your window will now look like this.

If you click "Accept Request" you will then get to create and add a new Retailer to your Turis account. The "Add new company" window will open.

In the "Add new company" formula you can add the missing information and once you are done, you then click "Save". This window will open.

Clicking "Yes, send invite" will create a Buyer for this Retailer. This means an invitation will be sent, granting access to set a personal password and gaining access to start shopping from your Turis B2B webshop.

On the other hand, If clicking "No, I'll create this later", you will simply just create a Retailer but not a Buyer.

You window will look like this and you have now processed the Wholesale Application and accepted the submission.

If you go to 👤 Users in the menu on the left-hand side and clicks on Retailers you can now see the Retailer has been created and added. Further, if you clicked "Yes, send invite" you have then also created and added a Buyer for the Retailer.

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