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In this article, you will get to know more about how you set up the email editor and what emails that are sent from Turis.

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To access the Email editor, you start out by clicking on 🛠️ Tools in the menu on the left-hand side followed by clicking on Email editor.

The window will now look like this.

Click on "Select email" and the dropdown menu will unfold.

How the email editor works

A bunch of different emails are sent from Turis based on different triggers and actions.

We have already pre-defined the message and wordings of these emails. You can however easily edit and customize these emails, to represent your own brand as well as including relevant information.

You can edit and customize the following emails:

  • Order Submitted (buyer facing): this is the order confirmation, which is sent to the Buyer after placing an order.

  • Your Order was modified (buyer facing): this email is triggered when an order has been updated by the admin. E.g. if items are removed/added to the order.

  • Reset Password: this is the email that is sent, whenever a user requests to reset the password for logging into Turis.

  • Buyer Invite (buyer facing): this email is sent, when inviting new Buyers to create a password and then get access to use Turis.

  • Invite Admin (From user management): this email is sent when adding and inviting a new admin user to get access to Turis.

  • Invite Sales agent: this email is sent when inviting a new Sales Agent to start using Turis. The email contains a link where the Sales Agent can create a password and then get access to Turis.

  • Invite User (From user management): this email is sent when adding and inviting a new user to get access to the seller side/backend of Turis.

  • Order completed (buyer facing): this email is sent whenever an order changes status to "Completed" in the order section.

  • Your Order has shipped (buyer facing): this email is sent when and order changes status to "Shipped" in the order section.

  • Payment receipt for order (buyer facing): this email is sent when a Buyer has completed a credit card payment in the check-out. (does not apply to invoice payments)

  • Buyer link to shop (buyer facing): this email is sent as a confirmation, when a Buyer has created a password and it contains a link to the Turis shop he/she has gained access to.

How to customize wordings and relevant information

You are now familiar with how emails are triggered in Turis and who they are sent to. As stated above these emails have a pre-defined message and wording.

You can easily edit and customize these, so that it matches the way you communicate information to your customers.

Simply click on the dropdown and select the email you want to edit. As an example we are going to select the Order Submitted (buyer facing) email.

Here you can either add to the pre-defined text or simply just delete it all and write your own Order Submitted (buyer facing) email.

Further, you can highlight content by using font panel. You can make text Bold, Italic and/or Underlined. Additionally, you can create Numbering and Bullet points.

To delete the pre-defined email text you just mark the text you want to delete and delete it.

And then you can just insert or type a text you find most applicable.

After you have done your changes, remember to hit the "Save" button below the text box, to save the changes you have made.

If you want to go back to the pre-defined text we have made, then simply just hit the "Revert to original" button and it will revert to the starting point.

💡 Pro Tip! worth considering and depending on the message of the email, you may want to include relevant information such as a link to your own website, a contact email, support/help email, logistics information and so forth (get creative).

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