In this article, you will get to know more about how you set up and manages VAT and sales tax.

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You will specifically learn more about:

  • How to set up tax for individual countries

  • Removing tax settings

How to set up tax for individual countries

To access Tax, you start out by clicking on ⚙️Settings in the menu on the left-hand side followed by clicking on Tax.

You window will look like this.

Here you can click on the dropdown menu and it will unfold, for you to select a country.

🔔 Please note: you should only set up tax for the country your business operates in. This means if you are a German company, only set up the German tax and so on.

*Orders to customers in other countries will have 0% tax, as the customer making the purchase, will calculate and pay taxes in the country his/hers business operates in.

To follow in the example, we are selecting Germany.

Click the green "Add" button to add Germany.

We have now added Germany as country and the official tax of 19% is stated in the greyed box.

In the box "Special %" you can add a special tax level.

Once you have added the Special tax, remember to click "Save" to save your setting.

With this tax setting all German Retailers shopping in your shop will get a Total including a tax of 11%.

🔔 Please note: all Retailers that do not have Germany selected as country, will only get a total price (excl. VAT).

What does it look like in the check-out for my customers?

In the check-out it will look like this.

A subtotal (excl. VAT) and a Total (incl. VAT).

Removing tax settings

If you want to remove and delete a tax setting, in this case the German tax.

You simply click on the "- / minus" on the right-hand side of the tax setting, to delete it.

This pop-up message will ask if you are sure, and here you just click the red "Delete" button.

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