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Adding Users - FAQ

In this article, you get additional information on terms and settings in the User's section.



What is the difference between a Retailer and a Buyer?

In Turis we distinguish between Retailers and Buyers in the following way:

  • Retailer is a company and/or physical store that resells your products
  • Buyer is a specific person working at a Retailer. This is the actual person that is ordering your products on behalf of the Retailer

This means that there can be several Buyers connected to a single Retailer, but not several Retailers connected to one Buyer.



What is delivery terms? 

In Turis, Delivery terms are the same as Incoterms. For example EXW (Ex Works), CFR (Cost & Freight), and DDP (Delivery Duty Paid).

Choosing some Delivery terms / Incoterms will effect whether a Retailer is charged for shipping or not.


Example: choosing EXW, means that the retailer will conduct the freight themselves, and should not pay you for the delivery.


Delivery terms will be shown to the Retailer when they order as well as on the order in the Order section.



What is VAT no.?

VAT is short for Value-Added Tax. The VAT no. is a unique number that identifies a company and its tax status. The VAT no. will, for example, determine whether a Retailer is subject to pay a value-added tax or not.

If you want to learn more on how to set the VAT rate in Turis, go to Settings in the left-hand side menu and click on Tax.



What is a Special Price List and Discount? 

Special Price Lists and Discounts in Turis are two different ways of giving Retailer and Buyer specific price/rebate.

With the Special Price List functionality, you can give a Retailer rebate on specific products.

With the Discount functionality, you can give Retailers and Buyers rebate on all their purchases, and not only specific products.


  • To setup a  Special Price Lists go to Settings in the left-hand side menu and click on Companies
  • To setup a Discount go to Settings in the left-hand side menu and click on Discounts



What is Payment terms? 

Payment terms are the days of credit that a Retailer has before it has to pay for their purchase. 

This setting can be modified by going to Settings in the left-hand side menu and click on Companies. 


N.B. if the Payment term is set to 0 days it will mean the Retailer has to prepay / pay in advance, before the order is handled and shipped.