Integrations Overview

In this article, you will get to know more about how Turis integrates with other services and applications.

🔔 Please note: Integrating with Turis's already built-in integrations or third party integrations, is a Pro feature.  

You can read more here: Turis Pro


You will specifically learn more about: 









What applications and services do Turis integrate with? 



Turis can be integrated with more than 2000 different applications and services. Some of them are built-in integrations, meaning you can integrate directly from inside Turis, while others are set up through Zapier.


The built-in integrations are: 


For the rest, we use Zapier to integrate with other applications and services such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Xero, QuickBooks, ShipStation, HubSpot, just to name the most popular ones.


You can use this link to see if you can integrate your preferred applications or services with Turis.

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Built-in integrations

To access Integrations, you start out by clicking on ⚙️ Settings in the menu on the left-hand side and then Integrations.




You window will now look like this.



Now click on "Select from list" and the dropdown menu will unfold. 



Here you can choose between four built-in integrations: 

  • E-conomic  
  • Visma
  • Uniconta 
  • Fortnox






Integrating through Zapier

We use Zapier to connect your favorite applications and services with Turis. Using Zapier allows for automation between Turis and the applications and services you already. This will essentially allow you to work smarter and take away the burden of tiresome manual work.


See if your preferred application or service can be integrated with Turis here: Explore Zapier


The most common applications we connect with are Shopify, WooCommerce, Xero, HubSpot QuickBooks and ShipStation, but the connectivity options are endless.



What is Zapier? 

Zapier is an automation tool that allows you to connect and automate your preferred applications and services with other platforms. 


The way it works is super simple. The process itself can be simplified into three steps:

1. Connect app(s)

2. Set trigger(s)

3. Define action(s)




We would love to help you set it up, but before we can do that, you just need to complete the one step stated below.



Create an account on Zapier, using a work email.

You can sign up using this link: Sign up to Zapier



Once you have signed up you will arrive at Zapier's dashboard. 




You have now created your Zapier account. Please contact us at: and we will help you with the rest.