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The Guide for Sale Agents
The Guide for Sale Agents

This article guides Sales Agents on how to use Turis in regards to creating retailers, buyers and how to make orders

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This guide contains:

Short overview

Create a retailer

Create a buyer

Create a order and manage orders

Short overview

When you first sign-in to Turis you will be met with your dashboard, where you can choose to create a new order for a retailer or add a note to a company

In the sidebar you will find access to users, images & content and orders.

Please note that you will only see the orders, retailers and buyers you have created on behalf of your company.

Create a retailer

To create a retailer, you go into users in the sidebar panel and choose ‘All retailers’

Next, you click on the "+ / plus" button in the upper right corner, to create a Retailer. You will now see a window appear where you can create a new company/retailer.

When creating a Retailer, some data is mandatory:

  • Company name *

  • Address *

  • Zip Code *

  • City *

  • Country *

  • VAT no. *

  • Email *

  • Currency *

These are marked with a "* / star".

The remaining data is optional – we however recommend that you fill in as much data as possible. If giving a special price list for your retailers, please also fill this out, as this field is necessary when seeing products and prices when making an order.

When the retailer is created you will be shown a window asking if you want an invitation to the retailer right away or if you want to wait, and do this later. If an invitation is sent from here, the retailer will be sent an email where they can create a password.

Create a buyer

However, If you wait and want to create the buyer yourself, you do this in the buyer section, under retailers in the sidebar panel. Here press the "+ / plus" button in the upper right corner, to create a buyer. Next you fill out the the fields, all fields marked with ´*/star’ is a mandatory field. It’s very important to also assign the buyer to a retailer. When all is filled out you click ‘save’. If you want to, you can send an invite here, so the buyer can create their own password, you open the buyer again and click the little blue button ‘Resend invite’

Create a order and manage orders

Perfect, now you are ready to make an order on behalf of your buyer.

You can make order either by clicking ‘create order’ from your dashboard or in the order section in the sidebar panel.

Either way you will be shown a window where you have to choose a retailer/company and a buyer. When chosen click start order.

You will now be taken to the turis shop where you can start adding products to the basket. Depending on how the shop owner has set their shop, you can in the sidebar find categories and subcategories.

If you don’t want to go through all the categories and subcategories for the products you are looking for you can use the express ordering tool. This tool you find in the top right corner to the left of the basket, marked as a yellow lightning.

When using this you can enter the information manually, SKU’s and Amounts, or you can upload a .csv file with or without a header. Please note Express ordering can only be used and seen in the shop, if this is enabled by the company owning the shop.

When all the products you want to purchase are in the basket, you can click on the basket and review the order.

From here you can change the delivery address and adjust the amounts if needed. When the order is reviewed, you can accept the terms and conditions and submit the order.

The order will now show up in your order section, the owners order section and the buyer will also receive an email with the submitted order.

To return to dashboard you can do this by clicking ‘return to dashboard’ in the bottom left corner of your screen.

You can now find your submitted order in the order section in your side panel.

If more products need to be added to the order you do this by clicking ‘add products’, you can also adjust amounts in column ‘CASES & UNITS’ or delete products from the order by clicking the small trash can icon. When the order is adjusted, you press the save button to save the order.

You can also manage delivery addresses, delivery terms, payment days and order status if needed. Remember to press save if anything is changed.

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