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How to create Retailers
How to create Retailers

In this article, we will teach you how to create retailers.

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You start by clicking on 👤 Users in the menu on the left-hand side, followed by clicking on Retailers.

Next, you click on the "+ / plus" button in the upper right corner, to create a Retailer. The window below will appear.

Creating a Retailer

When creating a Retailer, some data is mandatory:

  • Company name *

  • Address (invoice address) *

  • Zip Code *

  • City *

  • Country *

  • VAT no. *

  • Email *

  • Currency *

They are marked with a "* / star".

The remaining data is optional – we however recommend that you fill in as much data as possible.

🔔 Please note: the exact same email address cannot be used for two different Retailers.

When setting a Currency you get to choose from the Currencies you have predefined in the Setup Wizard, the first time you logged in.

💡 Please note: you can delete or add more Currencies by going to Settings > Currencies.

Once you have typed in the data your window should look somewhat like this.

You complete and save the Retailer by clicking the "Save" button.

Subsequently the window below appear.

Here you get two options;

  • No, I'll create this later: clicking this button, means you will not invite the retailer you just created

  • Yes, send invite: clicking this button, means you will create a corresponding Buyer for this particular Retailer and send an invitation that gives access to log in to your Turis B2B webshop

You have now added a Retailer to Turis. Your Retailer's overview now look like below.


Edit a Retailer

If you click on the Retailer that was just created, you will see the following menu.

Here you can:

  • Edit Company: edit and update company/retailer information

  • Orders: see the orders that have been placed throughout the time

  • Notes: see notes sales agents have written to the retailer throughout the time

  • Delivery: see and edit the delivery address(es) and invoice address that are submitted and used for this specific retailer

Remember to click "Save" to save the changes you have made.

Other fields when creating Retailers

Allow users to sign up via company domain: Sign-up on the login page is intended for retailers where they have "Allow user to sign-up using company email domain (verification required)" turned on. This function, if turned on, means that Turis can connect retailers with the same domain login to each other. However, we strongly recommend that you do not turn on this function with generic mail domains such as gmail, hortmail, outlook, yahoo and alike.

Allow retailer to buy single units: This allows the retailer to buy 1 unit of a product, even if the product is set to a case quantity with several units, such that the customer normally has to buy 3 units at a time.

Buyers of this retailer cannot add, change or edit delivery addresses: This function provides a restriction on the buyers for the retailer, so that buyers cannot change or add new delivery addresses.

What is the difference between Retailers and Buyers?

Buyers are the actual persons at a Retailer who orders your products. While the Retailer is the company – physical shop (or webshop), the Buyer is the person from that shop who is purchasing your products.

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