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Shopify Stock Sync
Shopify Stock Sync

In this article, you will get to know more about stock level syncing between your Turis and Shopify account.

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You will specifically learn more about:

  • Before integrating - what do I need to have in place?

  • How to set up and connect the integration

  • Products - what does it look like?

Synchronizing your Turis and Shopify stock levels is a great way to streamline your stock keeping, to avoid misalignments in the way you run your stock. With this integration you get to sync and automate your stock levels between your Turis B2B shop and your Shopify B2C shop.

The sections below will explain what needs to be in place to set up the integration and how it can be configured.

Before integrating - what do I need to have in place?

Prior setting up the integration you need to make sure your products in both Turis and Shopify uses the same SKUs.

As an example if your product has SKU "NP300" in Turis, the very same product should use the same SKU in your Shopify.


This is the way products are linked and synchronized between Turis and Shopify. Without the SKUs being the same both places, the linkage will not work.

Therefore, make sure to revise your Turis and Shopify prior to setting this integration up, as it is a prerequisite for it to work.

How to set up and connect the integration

This section will explain how the integration is set up and how to configure the sync settings.

🔔 Please note: in order to set up the Shopify stock syncing integration you need a personal link from your responsible Turis representative. Before we can generate this link for you, we need your Shopify URL:

Forward this link to your Turis rep., and he/she will get back to you with the installation link, you need for the integration.

The link you get looks like this.

When you click on it, you will then be redirected to your Shopify account, to install and connect the integration. Here you click on the green button saying "Install app".

After clicking "Install app" you will be asked to log in to your Turis account, using your account owner user login.

Once you have signed in, you will be sent into Turis and your window will look like this.

Here you get to choose what inventory location that should be your default one. If you have multiple inventory locations, make sure to choose the right one.

After choosing your default inventory location, you define how the synchronization should work.

1-way: Turis stock levels updates Shopify.

2-way: Turis and Shopify will always have the same stock values, so your stock is synchronized on both platforms.

💡 Pro Tip! if you want your stock values to be aligned and in-sync in both Shopify and Turis, select 2-way.

Once you have completed your configurations, click "Save" to save you settings.

In Settings > Integrations the overview now looks like this.

Products - what does it look like?

To access your Products, click on 📦 Products in the left-hand side menu.

Here you can set the Location and the Stock. Whenever an order is being made in Turis or in your Shopify shop, the stock value will regulate, so you can always keep track of your stock values.

With the Ignore Shopify stock sync box, you can choose if a specific product should not be synced. If you tick this box it will then mean this specific product's stock value is not synced with your Shopify stock values.

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