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How to Create Buyers
How to Create Buyers

In this article, you will get to know more about how you add your buyers.

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You start by clicking on 👤 Users in the menu on the left-hand side, followed by clicking on Buyers. The window below will appear.


Next, you click on the "+ / plus" button in the upper right corner and the "Add new user" menu will open.


Creating a Buyer

When creating a Buyer, some information is mandatory:

  • First name *

  • Company name *

  • Email *

The remaining information is optional.

🔔 Please note: the exact same email address cannot be used for two different Buyers.

In the "Company name" field you can connect this Buyer to the Retailers that already exist in Turis.

Click it and the dropdown will open, where you can search or scroll to find the existing Retailers.

Once you have found and selected the Retailer, you then set the language and insert the email address.

Complete by hitting "Invite buyer"

If the Retailer does not exist, you can click "Create new company".

Clicking "Create new company" will give you the option to create a Retailer that is connected to this Buyer.

You complete this by clicking on "Invite buyer". You have now invited this Buyer to log in to Turis, to browse and purchase products from your webshop.

You have now added a Buyer to Turis. The Buyer's overview now look like below.


Buyer invitation

The invitation your Buyer receives in the inbox, looks like this.


The invited Buyer sets the password by clicking on the "Set password" button and will then be redirected to the window below.


Once the password has been created, then tick off the "Accept the terms and conditions" box followed by clicking next.

The Buyer will now be directed into your Turis webshop, where he/she can browse and purchase your products.

🔔 Please note: if your Buyer(s) for some reason does not receive the invitation or has to reset the password, you can resend the invite.

You do this by hitting the "Resend invite".


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