Create bundle solutions for your retailers to buy in your store-front.

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What is bundles

With Bundles you are abel to collect several products in a package solution and sell to your customers.

Where do I find bundles in Turis

On the admin side you can find, create and manage bundles in a new section in: ‘Products’ → ‘Bundles’.

How to set-up a bundle

By Clicking the “+” in the upper right corner, a pop-up window will open and you can now start creating your bundle.

These are the informations you need to fill to create your new bundle:

  • Bundle name* : Similar to product name, the name of the bundle.

  • Add products to bundle* : Here you can select which products to add to the bundle from a drop-down showing all products in the form of product names and SKUs. To make it quick to select the correct products, we have added a search bar in the drop-down.

    When adding products to your bundle, you are also able to add the prices; Both to your regular 'manage prices' and to Special Price Lists. If you already have prices on your products, the price will be shown, but you can change this if you want to sell the product at a different price in the bundle.

    Lastly when adding product to your bundle, you can choose the amount of units that should be sold in the bundle.

  • Bundle ID* : This is similar to an SKU, which you know from creating products, but this ID should only refer to the bundle, not the specific products within it. The ID will also be shown to your buyers.

  • Max bundles per customer : Here you can set a max limit to how many bundles each individual customer can purchase. This limitation applies to the individual order, not all-time purchases made by the customer. If 1 is selected, a buyer can not buy this bundle more than once.

  • Category* : Here you select which category the bundle belongs to. You can only choose 1 category per. bundle.

  • Product groups : Here you select which product group the bundle belongs to. You can select multiple products to show you bundle in.

  • Description : Here you can descripe the bundle to your buyers, just like the product description.

  • Images : Adding product images for the bundle to show for your buyer

All titles marked with a */star is required fields for creating a bundle.

In the end your pop-up window should look like this:

The user can see an overview of all created bundles in the ‘Bundles’ section

What does it look like in my Turis store front?

The bundles appear just like a standard product in the shop and includes; bundle name, a list of the products in the bundle and quantities, bundle description, and the maximum number of bundles per order.

Want to see in live action how to create a bundle? Check out the video below!

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