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This guide will teach how to bulk upload new products to your account

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When receiving a brand new collection, you can benefit from using the bulk uploader in Tools to create the new products to your account.

In this article we will show you how to fill the template and what fields to be aware before uploading.

In general there is 3 steps to uploade products via the bulk uploader;

  1. You have to downloade a template in Tools > Bulk uploader > Products(found in the drop-down)

  2. You fill out the template with all your data. Here are the required fields; Product name, SKU, Category, Stock, Case quantity. These will also be marked with a */star

  3. You save your filled template as a .csv file and upload this in Tools > Bulk uploader > Products(found in the drop-down)

Filling the sheet in further detail

When filling the sheet, there are a few things, that you should have in mind, which are listed below;

  • SKU: Make sure all SKU's are unique. If you have a Shopify-integration the SKU's must be the same across both platforms.

  • Variants: If you want to create variants for your products, make sure that all 3 colums are filled; Variant; Variant Title and Size/color. If all 3 are not filled for each product, the upload will create the variants wrong. Please se below for a short explanation of each field;

    • Variant: This field links all the products together on the backend. Make sure all products within the same variantgroup has the same data filled in this field.

    • Variant title: This can be color, size, scent, amount etc.

    • Size/color: As the name of this field also suggest, this can be size or color. If you have already filled the prevouis field(variant title) with size and/or color and have nothing to fill out this field with, please use the same data as in Variant Title or create a combination of Variant and Variant title.

      Example of how these fields could be filled in the template.

      Example from productcard

      💡Tip! If you are unsure on how to fill the fields for your products, you can check an already created product in a variant on you account.

  • Category: Unless you are creating a new category and/or sub-category, please make sure to use the exact same category and sub-categories as you have on your shop. We recommend to copy and paste the titles from navigation, to make sure there are no typing-errors

  • Productgroups: If the product is part of a new product group, that does not already exist in your shop, you must create the product group in navigation before the upload.

  • Images: These kan be added in two ways to the sheet; image links or image names. To add more images to one product, you can divide the images with a | without spaces before and after (eg. Image1|Image2)

    • Image links: These links must be public, meaning that anyone can see the image on the link.

    • Image names: Before uploading the sheet to the bulk uploader, remember to upload all images in Products > Image upload. In the sheet, make sure the image only has the name without the file type (eg. insert Image1 to the sheet, and not image1.png). Furthermore, two different images should not have the same name.

      Example of two image names are filled in the template:

  • Prices: On prices, you must use periods and not commas to separate the decimals (Because the sheet will be converted to a .CSV file before uploading)

    Correct ✅ Using a period

    Wrong❌ using a comma

  • If you have any new currencies or special price lists for your products, make sure to add these in settings.

    • Currencies: Settings > Currencies

    • Special Price Lists: Settings > Companies

  • If you want to hide a product for a certain currency or Special Price List, simply don't add a price to the products field for that currency/Special price lists.

  • LastlyIt's very important to NOT move or delete any colums in the sheet for a new product upload.

If you have any questions or you are unsure if you have filled you sheet out correctly, don't hesitate to contact support ([email protected]). Please make sure to forward the finished sheet in your email, and we will gladly review the sheet and provide guidance.

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