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To access Products, you start out by clicking on ⚙️ Settings in the menu on the left-hand side followed by clicking on Products.

When clicking on Products, five sub categories - New products, Out of stock, Stock visibility, Sort options and Container Sizes - will appear. These sub categories will be explained and accounted for in the following sections.

New product label

In Turis you can feature new products with a "New" label. This may be a good tool to show your Buyers a new product in your shop.

To get started, click on the sub category "New products" and this window will appear.

Here you can define how many days the label should be active and stay on a product. The default setting is 7 days.

You can also customize the label text and thereby change it to something else than "New!".

You have a maximum of 10 characters to play around with.

In addition to defining days and the text itself, you can customize the color schemes of the label. Here you can both define the background color as well as the text color.

Just click on the color box to define and set a new color scheme.

Here you can drag the color picker (the little white circle) around in the color chart, to find the color you like. Or if you have a signature color scheme you and your brand uses, you can also add the exact Hex color code.

Same goes for the label text color.

Remember to click "Save" once you have completed your changes.

What does it look like in my shop?

To switch on the label on a product, go to 📦 Products and find the product you want to use the label on.

Click on the product and tick the box saying "This a new product" and click "Save"

The label itself will be featured in the upper left corner of the product card, as displayed below.

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