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How to use Navigation
How to use Navigation

This article teaches you how to use Navigation.

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In Navigation, which you find in your sidebar, you can manage the sidebar your retailers see in your shop, as well as add new items in the side bar and hide items. In navigation you can add new categories, subcategories, product groups and insert external links.

To add a new item in navigation you start by clicking the green plus/+ in the top right corner. You will now be presented with a pop-up called “New navigation item”, here you start by giving it a name, choosing the type and hit save.

Your new item will now show up in the bottom of the screen. If you already have all your products uploaded/created, you will notice that you already have categories showing in navigation.

For this example we are using product group and creating a sale.

To add products to the new product group you will have to go into your products. Remember to always save changes on the navigation page before leaving the page, otherwise the new changes will be gone.

You can either create or open a product and add it from the productcard. Since we created a product group in navigation we would have to add the product to the group in the field ‘product groups’ in the product card. When added, hit save.

When viewing the shop from your retailers perspective you will now see the product group in the sidebar and the product we just added.

We can also add already existing products to groups or categories in bulk. To do this you start in your products tab, where you can see all your products. Then you press the button ‘bulk action` and select the products you want to add to the product group/category. You can also select all.

When the products are selected you choose whether you want to add them to a group, category or subcategory. For this example we are still using the product group and choosing the group we made before. When chosen, hit save.

In navigation you also have the option to add an external link to your turis shop. To do this you once again go into navigation and click the green plus/+ in the upper right corner.

Then you name the item and choose ‘External link’ in the dropdown.

After inserting the link you hit save once again and save changes.

If you want to move the order of your categories, group or links you press and hold the 6 ‘dots’

To hide an item you can click the ‘eye’ icon and you will notice a change in the item color. Unhide it again by clicking the ‘eye’ icon.

Once again it’s very important to hit save changes, so any work won’t be lost.

You can also edit, delete or set an item as a homepage. You do this by clicking the 3 dotted line to the right on the item.

If you have multiple categories you want to gather into one with subcategories, you can merge these by holding one category over another.

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