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Tools: Banner

In this article, we will teach how to create banners for your Turis shop

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Do you want to boost your retailer's experience in your Turis shop?

You can do this by creating a banner on your categories and subcategories. With these you can simply show a nice picture of your products or you can tell about your brand, or you can show something else of your choice.

To access the banner, you go into tools, in your side panel and press ‘Banner’

You will now be taken to this page, where you can create your first banner.

To create your first banner, you click the green button "Click here to get started"

After this you can choose the width of your banner and upload a photo.

The the photo is uploaded, you can slide the picture vertically and and adjust the height of the banner

Then, you can choose how round or square you would want the corner radius to be and if you want a border. If you choose to have a border, you can also change the color and thickness of this.

When everything is as you want it to be you lastly have to choose where to show the banner and save this.

When it’s saved, it will show up like this:

Here you can add more banners by clicking the green button with a “+/plus”. You can also hide the banner on the ‘eye’ icon, delete it on the “X/cross” or edit the banner on the ‘pen’ icon.

Tip: The recommended size of the banner is 1500 W x 445 H and highest resolution possible, as this is more scalable.

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