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How to add dropshipping to products
How to add dropshipping to products

Dropshipping abels your retailers to create orders straight from your manufacture to the end customer

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  1. To create dropshipping for your products you would first have to create a dropshipping price list in settings -> companies and press the +/plus button next to “create new special list” under “Dropshipping Lists”

2. Choose name and currency for the new Dropshipping list.

3. When the list is created, you would now go into your products and choose a products which you want to add to the dropshipping prices to. You can add dropshipping prices on the green button in the products card called “Dropshipping Prices”

4. Now enter the price and case quantity you want to sell the products add and save. Most often you would write 1 unit in case quantity, as the product goes from factory directly to consumer and most consumer often would not buy more than 1 item.

🔔Please note: if you don’t fill out the case quantity in dropshipping, the system will automatically add the regular case quantity for the product.

5. When the prices are entered, you now have to go into the retailers you want to offer dropshipping and apply the dropshipping list to the retailer. When chosen, remember to save.

When the retailer signs in they will now have a small switch in the top rights corner of their screen.

When they turn on dropshipping they will be shown this screen:

When they decide to enter dropshipping mode, they will now be shown all the products available for dropshipping assigned to them.

Now the retailer is able to order dropshipping items for the customer. When they have chosen the items, they can review the order.

In review order they have to enter the address of where the items should be sent.

🔔Please note: The address for dropshipping will not be saved in Turis.

When filled out, the retailer can submit the order.

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