In this article, you will get to know more about how you set up and manages discounts, both monetary and percentage.

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You will specifically learn more about:

  • How to set up and define discounts

    • Retailer- and buyer specific discounts

  • Deactivating or deleting discounts

How to set up and define discounts

To access Discounts, you start out by clicking on ⚙️Settings in the menu on the left-hand side followed by clicking on Discounts.

Your window will now look like this.

Here you start out by giving the discount you are about to set up a fitting name. It could for example be "Buy for 1000 EUR get 10%".

🔔 Please note: discounts are currency-specific and interconnected with a minimum order amount. This means the discount is activated by a defined minimum order amount.

After giving the discount we are about to set up a name, we then defined if it should be monetary or a percentage. In this example we will go with a discount in percentage.

You window now look like this.

We then enter a percentage, in this case 10, and set a minimum order amount in the EUR field, which is 1000 EUR.

If you want to use the 10% discount for other currencies, simply just enter and set a minimum order amount in the other currencies available.

Further, if you want to allow this discount to be combined with other discounts, you can tick the box saying "This discount can be combined with other discounts".

Complete by hitting the "Create discount" button.

The discount we just created will now be placed in the section Active discounts. It's by default switched off, but if you click the toggle it will turn green and it will be switched on.

What does it look like for my customers?

In the basket view it will look like this, where the 10% discount is listed for your customer to view, as a separate discount line.

In the check-out section it will also be stated as a separate discount line, so your customer can view the discount obtained.

Retailer- and buyer specific discounts

As explained above you can set more general discounts that applies to all customers shopping in a specific currency. Along with that you can also set discounts that are Retailer- or Buyer-specific.

To do so, start out by clicking on 👤 Users in the menu on the left-hand side, followed by clicking on Retailers > All Retailers.

Then select a Retailer you want to give a specific discount.

Type in the discount, in this case we will type in 15.

This effectively means that we have set a unique and Retailer-specific discount that only applies to this Retailer (Company X).

This a useful way to give specific and unique discounts to selected Retailers.

Complete by clicking "Save".

You can do the exactly same for Buyers and to do so, simply follow the same procedure as above. Find the given Buyer and set a discount that is specific for this Buyer.

Deactivating or deleting discounts

If you want to deactivate or delete a discount again you can do this in a very simple way.

To deactivate a given discount simply hit the toggle to switch it from green to red, and it will deactivate.

On the other hand, if you want to delete it completely, click the green button saying "Set discounts" and click "Delete discounts".

This pop-up will be displayed to make sure you are aware of your action.

Click "Delete" and you have now deleted and erased this discount.

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