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Collection of all discount options in Turis
Collection of all discount options in Turis
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In this article you will read more about all the different discount options you can apply in turis.

The discount you will read about in this article is:

  • Retailer discounts

  • Buyer discounts

  • Discount tiers

  • General discounts

  • Vouchers

Retailer discounts

Retailer discounts are discounts apllied to single retailers only. This discount is applied to the retailer on their retailer card in the Discount field:

The discount can be applied in procentages only.

When the retailer has a discount applied in this field, they will be shown the discount in their basket review and checkout.

However, all products on the shop are shown the regular price.

Buyer discounts

Buyer discounts, are like retailer discounts, applied to the individual buyer instead of the retailer.

This discount is applied on the buyers card:

Lookwise on the shop, the buyer and retailer discount are shown the same way, meaning the buyer discount is also shown to the buyer in the basket preview and checkout and not on the products.

Discount tiers

Discount tiers is a way to encourage Buyers to shop larger quantities of a given product by applying discounts. This essentially mean, you can give a product-based discount that increases when buying larger quantities of that particular product.

This feature is product-specific, meaning you define and set up a discount tier individually for a specific product.

To get started click find the product you want to set up Discount Tiers for.

Click on the product and then on 'Manage Discount Tiers'.

Then this window opens up for you to choose a currency from.

Here you simply click the 'Currency' dropdown and the menu will unfold. You get to select from the currencies that are already defined and set for your shop.

*If you want to add or delete a currency from your shop, then go to Settings > Currencies.

🔔 Please note: a discount tier is currency-specific, meaning if you set a tier to be in EUR, only Retailers with EUR as the shopping-currency can see this discount tier.

Then you select one of the currencies that are set and available for your shop. You will then be directed to this window.

Here you get to set a minimum amount of cases* and select a discount framework.

*cases refer back to the case quantity defined for the product.

For the Discount Tiers we are making here we are starting out by typing in '3' as we do not want the discount tiers to be activated before a customer adds '3' cases. Then we jump to 'Select Discount'. Here you can choose between Percentage (%) or Amount.

In this example we are going to stick with Percentage (%).

Now with this configuration, when a customer adds '3' cases of the product 'Cashews' a Discount Tier of 10% will be added.

You can add more Discount Tiers to this product, if you want to incentivize customers to buy more cases to obtain a larger discount.

Simply click the "+ / plus" to add more tiers.

When you have defined and added the Discount Tiers you want, remember to click "Save", to save your updates.

Once you have clicked "Save" your window will look like this.

We have now set up 3 Discount Tiers for the product 'Cashews'.

What does it look like for my Buyers?

For you a Buyer shopping in your shop (only in EUR) it will look like this when they click and add the product to the basket.

If we then add more cases to the basket, the product will follow and trigger the other Discount Tiers defined and set up previously.

General discounts

With general discounts, you can set up discounts for each currency on your shop and the discount will be applied to all products and orders while active.

To access Discounts, you start out by clicking on ⚙️Settings in the menu on the left-hand side followed by clicking on Discounts.

Your window will now look like this.

Here you start out by giving the discount you are about to set up a fitting name. It could for example be "Buy for 1000 EUR get 10%".

🔔 Please note: discounts are currency-specific and interconnected with a minimum order amount. This means the discount is activated by a defined minimum order amount.

After giving the discount we are about to set up a name, we then defined if it should be monetary or a percentage. In this example we will go with a discount in percentage.

You window now look like this.

We then enter a percentage, in this case 10, and set a minimum order amount in the EUR field, which is 1000 EUR.

If you want to use the 10% discount for other currencies, simply just enter and set a minimum order amount in the other currencies available.

Further, if you want to allow this discount to be combined with other discounts, you can tick the box saying "This discount can be combined with other discounts".

Complete by hitting the "Create discount" button.

The discount we just created will now be placed in the section Active discounts. It's by default switched off, but if you click the toggle it will turn green and it will be switched on.

What does it look like for my customers?

In the basket view it will look like this, where the 10% discount is listed for your customer to view, as a separate discount line.

In the check-out section it will also be stated as a separate discount line, so your customer can view the discount obtained.

Deactivating or deleting discounts

If you want to deactivate or delete a discount again you can do this in a very simple way.

To deactivate a given discount simply hit the toggle to switch it from green to red, and it will deactivate.

On the other hand, if you want to delete it completely, click the green button saying "Set discounts" and click "Delete discounts".

This pop-up will be displayed to make sure you are aware of your action.

Click "Delete" and you have now deleted and erased this discount.


With Discount Vouchers, you can enable your retailers to redeem either a Percentage (%) or a Monetary amount of their total order amount (before VAT/Tax) at the check-out.

Where do I find Vouchers in Turis?

The feature is located in Settings -> Discounts -> Vouchers

Discount Voucher creation

You start the creation of the Discount Vouchers by clicking on the plus button.

After clicking the plus button, in the ‘My New Discount’ field you get to define the name of your voucher. This field is only displayed internally.

In the field below, you select the discount type - here you can specify whether the discount should be percentage-based or a fixed monetary amount e.g. 5% or €100. In this example, we chose to apply a 10% discount.

After the preferred discount type is selected, you/ the seller has the option to determine a minimum order amount for the created voucher.

Note: The minimum order amount field is optional and not required.

Next up is the selection of the Start & End date: Within this field, you will specify a start and end date for the voucher being created.

Please note: If the voucher is attempted to be redeemed by the retailer before the start date or after the end date, the voucher will be considered invalid and will return a message in the check-out phase saying: "The submitted voucher could not be redeemed".

After we have the date period set, we move on to the Voucher Code. The Voucher Code can be pre-defined by you or auto-generated by the ‘Generate’ button on the right-hand side. The example below has the ‘SPRING10’ entered as the voucher code.

Within the last field, you can choose the number of redeems per retailer. In the example below the number of uses is set to 1 which means retailers can only redeem the voucher once.

To save the discount voucher, simply click the ‘Create discount’ button.

After the voucher is saved, that’s what it will look like on the seller’s/ backend side:

What will it look like on the buyer’s/front-end side?

The buyer redeems the voucher by entering the voucher code, SPRING10, into the Voucher Discount field and clicks 'Redeem'.

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