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In this article, you will get to know more about how you set up and configure shipping settings in Turis.

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Before you start setting up your shipping rate, you must have set up Regions first - Read more about how to set up regions right here.

Defining shipping Rates

Shipping rate is the cost you charge your Buyer for shipping an order.

First things first, click on Shipping and then on Rates.

Your window should now look like this.

Here we can see the Shipping Region (EU Shipping), which we set up in the previous step.

If you have multiple Shipping Regions you can click on the "Select region" dropdown to select one of them.

If you want to create a new region, you can click on "Create new region"

The rates are interdependent on the Currencies, which are defined and set in your Turis Shop.

*You can add or delete a currency by going to Settings > Currencies.

In the following example we will set up rates for the region; EU Shipping.

Here we want to set Rates in the currency EUR. Therefore, click on "Set rates" next to EUR.

After clicking "Set rates" this window will open.

The shipping price is based on the order amount ex. VAT (up to). The example below explains the logic and how it works.


Order amount ex.VAT (up to)

Shipping price (ex. VAT)









Setting the shipping rates up like the example above, means an order amount between 0-300 EUR will have a shipping price at 20 EUR. An order between 300-400 EUR will then have a shipping price at 15 EUR and so forth.

For the Buyer the shipping price will look like this on the order in the check-out section.

When adding more products to the order, the shipping rates, defined previously, will follow that logic.

Defining Retailer-specific free shipping limit

On top of the general shipping rates, you can define and set up Retailer-specific free shipping limits.

This is set specifically on the individual Retailer.

To set this up, go to 👤 Users and click on All Retailers.

Now click on the Retailer you want to give an individual and specific free shipping limit.

In the "Free shipping limit" field type in the price that this Retailer will have as its free shipping limit.

Now this Retailer (Earl Abel's) will get free shipping when they shop for 400 EUR or above.

This is a great feature to give your Retailers specific shipping prices, and thus entice them to place larger orders in your Turis Webshop.

Add or change shipping price after an order has been placed

You can also add or change a shipping price specifically on an order after it has been placed.

To do so, click on Orders in the menu on left-hand side.

Then find and click on the specific order you want to add or change the shipping price on.

Click on "Add shipping cost" and a little window will open for you to type in the shipping cost.

You finalize your changes by clicking the "Save" button.

The added shipping cost of 75.00 DKK has now been added to this particular order (#000024) and the customer will be notified about the order update via email.

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