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What is Express Ordering

With the Express Ordering activated you can enable buyers to generate their orders with a list of SKUs/EANs (product IDs) and quantity/ number of units.

Where do I find Express Ordering in Turis?

You find it in the Admin/Seller’s sidebar under Settings -> Order Settings -> Express Ordering

Express Ordering Activation

The activation is simple and done by the toggle switch.

After the activation of the feature, you can decide if it should be enabled for All Retailers or for a couple of Selected ones. The latter option, ‘Select retailers’ will require you to go to ‘Users’ -> ‘Retailers’ -> ‘All Retailers’ -> Select the retailer that gets to have the Express Ordering allowed -> Tick mark ‘Express Ordering’ on the retailer’s card -> Save.

Furthermore, you can also choose whether your retailers are allowed to break cases or not - This means is your products have a case quantity of 6 pcs, the retailer is allowed to break this and buy 3 pcs of the item.

How can my buyers spot the Express Ordering feature?

The activation of the Express Ordering on the buyer front-end will be indicated with a ‘flashy’ icon in the upper right corner.

What does it look like from the buyer’s perspective?

After pasting the SKU/EAN & Units from a spreadsheet source (Google Sheets, Excel, Numbers, etc.) into the Turis Express Ordering sheet, the buyer can move all the items into the card with a single click by pressing the ‘Generate Order’ button.

In addition to pasting data to the interactive columns, the buyer also has the option to upload a . CSV with the two columns SKU/EAN & Units by simply clicking on the ‘Upload CSV’ button.

Please note: The .CVS should only contain the columns with the SKU/EAN & Units - any additional column in the file will lead to a failure in the upload.

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