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With Discount Vouchers, you can enable your retailers to redeem either a Percentage (%) or a Monetary amount of their total order amount (before VAT/Tax) at the check-out.

Where do I find Vouchers in Turis?

The feature is located in Settings -> Discounts -> Vouchers

Discount Voucher creation

You start the creation of the Discount Vouchers by clicking on the plus button.

After clicking the plus button, in the ‘My New Discount’ field you get to define the name of your voucher. This field is only displayed internally.

In the field below, you select the discount type - here you can specify whether the discount should be percentage-based or a fixed monetary amount e.g. 5% or €100. In this example, we chose to apply a 10% discount.

After the preferred discount type is selected, you/ the seller has the option to determine a minimum order amount for the created voucher.

Note: The minimum order amount field is optional and not required.

Next up is the selection of the Start & End date: Within this field, you will specify a start and end date for the voucher being created.

Please note: If the voucher is attempted to be redeemed by the retailer before the start date or after the end date, the voucher will be considered invalid and will return a message in the check-out phase saying: "The submitted voucher could not be redeemed".

After we have the date period set, we move on to the Voucher Code. The Voucher Code can be pre-defined by you or auto-generated by the ‘Generate’ button on the right-hand side. The example below has the ‘SPRING10’ entered as the voucher code.

Within the last field, you can choose the number of redeems per retailer. In the example below the number of uses is set to 1 which means retailers can only redeem the voucher once.

To save the discount voucher, simply click the ‘Create discount’ button.

After the voucher is saved, that’s what it will look like on the seller’s/ backend side:

What will it look like on the buyer’s/front-end side?

The buyer redeems the voucher by entering the voucher code, SPRING10, into the Voucher Discount field and clicks 'Redeem'.

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