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This article describes how you can use script manager in Turis

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Do you want to add a chat to your Turis shop or maybe track your customers behavior in Turis? Then maybe the scrip manager tool is for you!

Script manager can be used to insert small code pieces/scripts into your shop, from 3rd parties such as Intercom, Klaviyo, google tag manager etc.

To find the script manager tool in Turis, firstly go to to your Turis account and open the tab Tools in your sidebar, then press script manager.

From here you can add a script by clicking the green plus;

Then you give the script a name, add the scrip in Script Tag and choose placement of the script.

To give an example of how to add a script from a 3rd party to Turis, we will use a communication tool that provides a chat, like Intercom (Other tools like this could be Zendesk or hubspot, saleseforce etc.)

In this example we want to add the intercom chat to our shop so buyers can chat directly with the shop-owners.

Firstly, we have to find the script from Intercom - Lucikly intercom has a great support article, where we are able to figure out, where to pull our script in the intercom app:

Find and copy your accounts script:

Then open your Turis account and go to tools > Script manager > Create script (Green +/plus)

Give the script a name and insert you copied code into Script Tag:

Then choose the scripts placement - Intercoms tells us, this code should be placed Before End body Tag

Now press 'Save' to save the script to your shop.

When you log-in they will have a little chat-icon on their page, where they can write directly to you with questions:

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