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Manage Translations

This article describes how you can manage the translations on your shop or change certain wordings.

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How to manage and overwrite translations

In Turis you can overwrite the pre-defined and default translation with just a few clicks, to make the wordings and sound fit your taste.

🔔 Please note: your product names, descriptions etc. are NOT translated. It is only default texts and wordings in Turis that are translated.

Further, these translations are only visible to your Buyers and Sales Agents on the shopping page of your Turis shop.

Start out by clicking on the sub-category: Manage translations. The window below will appear.

The overview below is just a snapshot of some of the translations you can manage and translate. If you scroll you will be able to scroll through all of them.

The language is set to English here. To change the language simply click on the dropdown menu and you get to find the language you want to overwrite translations for.

In this case we will stick with English.

If we want to change the wording "All Products" to "All Our Products" you simply just add "Our" in the sentence listed in the white box.

If you want to revert to the original text, just click the blue button on left saying "Revert". It will then revert to the default text.

Once you have completed your edits remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save" to save your changes.

Does this affect the language on emails sent from Turis?

No these translations do not have any effect on the emails sent from Turis. Those emails are by default always sent in English.

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