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Shipping Motivator (Beta)
Shipping Motivator (Beta)

This article describes how you set-up the shipping motivator to encourage your retailers to buy more items per order.

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What is the Shipping Motivator?

The shipping motivator is a tool you can use to encourage your retailers to buy more items per order to receive free shipping on their orders.

Please note: At the moment the Shipping motivator is linked to the Special Shipping groups feature, therefore you must set-up special shipping groups in order to use the Shipping motivator. However, the Shipping Motivator will become available to use on regular shippings rates.

You can read more about how to set-up the special shipping groups here.

Where to find the Shipping Motivator

The shipping motivator is found in your settings > Products:

When you open the shipping motivator you should be met by this window:

How to set it up

The set-up for the Shipping motivator banner is done in 3 steps

  1. Achieve Free Shipping

  2. Free Shipping Achieved

  3. Special Shipping Groups Notifications

Your can move between the 3 steps at the top of the page:

Achieve Free Shipping

To set it up, we will start by taking a look at the banner text:

Here you can chose the sentence which should pop-up on your retailers screen, when they start adding products to their baskets. There will be an already pre-defined text, but you can change this to something of your liking. The varible price is based on the shipping rates defined from Special Shipping Groups.

Next up, we change that colors of the banner and text aswell:

Please note, the same color will be used on all three banners.

Notice that on your right-hand side of your screen you can see a preview of the banner:

Below changing the color, you'll find the setting for the duration of the banner. Here you can chose between a set duration of x amount of seconds or show always. This will determin how long the banner is shown to the retailers when they place items in their baskets.

When you have set the duration for the banner, please click 'Save' to save your settings.

Free Shipping Achieved

Now we move on to the second tab, that determin the settings for when free shipping has been achived in the basket.

Here we start by editing the Banner text and Color once again:



Then, set the duration for this banner - For this you can also choose between show always or set duration of x amount of seconds.

Then click 'Save' when the settings are to your liking.

Special Shipping Groups Notifications

Now we are at the thrid and final tab of the set-up for the shipping motivator banner.

In this step we simply choose the Special Shipping Groups we wish to assign this Shipping motivator banner to. We chose the special shipping group in the dropdown menu:

When you choose the groups, more fields will show up for your to edit:

Once again you fill out the fields according to your liking:

The text for this field should imply that the retailer has added the an item with special shipping.

Please note: The last step Special Shipping Groups Notifications can be left blank!

What does it look like on the buyer side?

When the retailer logs in and places an item from Special Shipping groups they will be met by an conjuntion of the first and last banner we made in the Shipping Motivator:

When they start placing more items in the basket, they will see the amount on the banner goes down accordingly to the shipping rates in the Special Shipping Grpoups:

When they have reached free shipping they will be met by the free shipping banner.

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