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Special Shipping Groups
Special Shipping Groups

This article descibes how to set up Special Shipping Groups

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Before you set up Special Shipping Groups, you must set-up regions first - Check out this article for a guide on how to set up Regions.

What is Special Shipping Groups?

Special shipping groups allows you to set up and add a special shipping amount to customers orders, when they put certain product(s) in their baskets that might require a different or more costly shipping method.

Where to find Special Shipping Groups in Turis

Special shipping groups are found in your settings, in the Shipping > Rates.

When you open Rates in Shipping, you will be met by this window, where you can add Special Shipping Groups:

How to add a special Shipping Group

Start by clicking the green button Add Special Shipping Groups

Now your screen wil expand with these fields:

Fill out the fields:

Group name: Give this Special Shipping group a name. E.g. this could either suggest the products within the special shipping group or the Region.

Add Shipping Regions: Here you choose for which region you are settings up this Shipping group for. You can also choose multiple regions, but for this example we are using only Denmark.

Now your screen will expand a bit more, with Currency rates

Here you only set up the rates for the currency/currencies used for customers in Denmark. In our shop our Danish customers only use Currency DKK, but you could be using one of the other currencies in your set-up.

Click Set rates and fill out the pop-up window with Order Total Range (ex. VAT) and Shipping Rates

After settings up the rates we move on to the next fields.

Add identifying icon: Here you can chose what icon your customers sees to show the item they are adding to their basket has a different shiping rate.

Add Tootip text for identifying icon: This tooltip is shown when the customer has their marker over the icon. Tooltip is used to explain the icon they are seeing on the item.

Add Products To Spcial Shipping Group: Now it's time to choose which products has different shipping. Click the button and a new po-up window will appear on your screen.

You can either scroll through the list and tick the products or you can search by the SKU:

When all products has been added, click 'Save' and the window wil disappear again.

When you are finished with all the fields, click 'Save' once again:


When you buyers log-in to place orders they will see the icon on the product and in the basket:

If they hold their marker over the icon on the productcard they will see the tooltip:

In the basket, they will also see the new shipping:

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