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This article teaches you how to add Terms & conditions to your site and retailers.

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Terms & Condidtions for your retailers can be added in your settings under site settings.

In your site settings, start by finding the tab for Terms & Conditions and expand this

From here, you can click the greens plus/+ to add you terms & conditions.

You will now be presented with a pop-up window, where you can attach your document, name it and choose with countries and retailers the terms and conditions are valid for.

Please note, that Turis does not provide a template for terms & conditions, as these can be individual depending on you retailers and the countries you operate in.

When you have filled out the fields and saved the Terms & Conditions, press 'Save'

You are now also able to choose to attach the Terms & Conditions to your buyers order confirmation.

If you want to add mores Terms & Condition documents, to, e.g, other countries, simply click the green plus/+ again, add the document, name and countries again.

What does it look like for my customers?

Your buyers logs in to place orders, they will be presented with the Terms &

Conditions at checkout.

Here they have to accept the terms & conditions and they are able to read these before accpeting by clicking the link when underlined.

(The link will become underlined when the buyer holds their marker over the text.)

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