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Delivery Date
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Delivery Dates (previously Requested Delivery Dates), allows you to set up when your retailers can request delivery for their orders.

Where do I find Delivery Dates?

Delivery Dates are found within your Settings > Order Settings > Delivery Date;

When you first open the page you will see at toggle, for turning Delivery Dates on/off;

Turning the settings on will allow you to see all the Delivery Date settings;

What are the different settings?

Delivery Dates has 3 main settings and 2 sub-settings;

The 3 main settings are the following;

Buyer can only select dates within specific periods

This setting allows you to choose specific period in which you retailers can request delivery of their order. This setting is the most manual setting, as you need to keep these periods updated to enable your retailers to request delivery dates.

Setting the periods would look something like this;


*Here you see the month of March has intentionally been skipped for delivery date request, which prevents the buyers from choosing delivery in March.

Retailer checkout;

Here you'll see what this looks like for the buyer;

Using this toggle allows the buyer to set the same delivery date for all products, however they can set different dates for each product(unless you disallow this in the settings)

Delivery date has to be X days after current order date

This setting allows you to set a specific amount of days when the retailer will be allowed to request the delivery - Eg. you would like to have 5 days to handle an order before they can have it delivered. This option is a little more dynamic, however, be aware that a requested delivery date could fall on a weekend day when using this.


Retailer checkout;

Disable certain weekdays for delivery

The last setting is the most dynamic as this follows each week. With this setting, you can choose which days of the week your retailers cannot request a delivery date for their order. This could eg. be on the weekends or a single weekday.


Retailer checkout;

Lastly, we got the 2 sub-settings that can be used in combination to the 3 main settings, these are;

  • Enable buyers to modify the Requested Delivery Date after placing an order (when turning this on you will be able to also select x amount of days to when the order delivery date can be modified)

  • Ensure that buyers cannot choose multiple delivery dates with the same order

Both of these can be turned on at once in combination with any of the 3 main settings

Anything I need to be aware of with Delivery Dates?

You can only choose one of the 3 main settings at once as of now.

The buyers can view their chosen delivery dates on their profiles order history and the email order confirmation;

Order history example;

Order confirmation email example;

For the admin the requested delivery date will look like so when opening the order;

As an admin you will always be able to change the delivery date on your retailers' order - When doing so the retailer will receive an email update, informing them about your update (this needs to be turned on in your Settings > Notifications > Buyers)

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