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Image zip file when placing orders
Image zip file when placing orders
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It is now possible for your retailers to receive an zip file of the images on the products they have placed an order on - This relieves your retailer from having to search for the right images in your Image & Content bank.

Where to find this feature

For this feature there are two different settings you can choose to activate, to make sure your buyers recevie a zip file, when placing an order. First head to your settings > Notifications and choose buyers in the top tap.

Here you will see your have two new settings available for your buyer notifications.

What is the difference between the two?

  • Send image and content download link to buyers: this setting will attach a download link in your buyers order confimation email, where they can download all images.

  • Send separate email with image download link to buyers: With this settings, your buyers will receive a seperate email with the download link that contains all the images.

What does it look like for my buyers?

Let's start with the setting "Send image and content download link to buyers".

When the buyer have placed their order, their order confirmation email would look like this:

When they press the button for Download images for ordered products, the buyer will be forwarded to this screen, where they can download a .zip folder:

Next up, we have the "Send separate email with image download link to buyers" setting. Here both settings for the download link needs to be turned on.

When the buyers, have placed their order, they will receive two emails - Their order confirmation email and a seperate email with the image download link:

Image link from the admin-page

If your would like to have these settings turned of for your retailers, but would still like to send your buyers a file with products images upon the buyers request - This is possible too!

On your order page, you will have a button available on each order, where you can download a file with all images belonging to the products on that order. This button is found when you open the order, next to Add Tag and Download order pdf.

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