In this article, you will get to know more about how Turis and Shipmondo integrates.

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You will specifically learn more about:

  • Connecting Turis with Shipmondo

  • What data is pushed from Turis to Shipmondo?

To automate the processing of your orders and shipments, your Turis account can be integrated with Shipmondo.

If needed, you can read more about Shipmondo on this link: Shipmondo.

Don't have a Shipmondo account?

Well, you can get started right away and create one right here: Create Shipmondo account

Connecting Turis with Shipmondo

To set up the integration between Turis and Shipmondo we need a few things from you. This includes:

  • API Access (User and Key)

  • Template ID(s)

We need this to configure and set up the integration with your Turis account and Shipmondo.

First thing you need to do, is to sign in into your Shipmondo account. Click here to Sign in.

Then go to Settings > API and click on Access.

Here you can generate your API access by clicking the Generate API keys button. Once you have done that, you can retrieve your User and Key, as illustrated below.

🔔 Please note: when you send it to us, please copy/paste it as text instead of a screenshot.

Next and final thing we need, is your Shipping Template ID(s). To retrieve your Shipping Template ID(s) click on Shipments > Templates. Here you can see all the ID(s) for the templates you have in your account.

🔔 Please note: as you may be using various templates, depending on your business set up and if you ship internationally. If that is the case, make sure you send all the various Shipping Template ID(s) you want the integration to work with.

Now that you have your API access and Shipping Template ID(s) ready, please forward the details in an email to your responsible consultant or to [email protected].

We will then configure and set up the integration for you.

What data is pushed from Turis to Shipmondo?

With the integration all set up the following data will be pushed from Turis to your Shipmondo:

  • Order number

  • Name (Customer/Company name)

  • Delivery address

  • Country

  • Status

  • Source (API)

  • Updated (When it was last updated)

  • Via (Courier)

  • Label (Create label)

The order will be pushed from Turis to Shipmondo, when you choose and select the status "Awaiting Shipment" in Turis. When it is sent it will land in your Shipmondo under Shipments > Drafts.

From here you can handle and process the shipment as you would normally do in your Shipmondo account.

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