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Tips and features for designing your shop
Tips and features for designing your shop
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Are you just starting out your Turis shop or want to re-design your shop and missing some idea's on where to start? Check out this collection below on ideas and features you can implement on your shop.


With the Page builder you can build you own front page for your shop. This front page could include various info about your company, images, new collections, links and buttons current discounts, and so much more!

You can also have multiple pages on your shop, so if you want your pages to have their own focus points, that is possible too!

You can read more about setting up pages in page builder here: Article about Page builder


With banners you can boost your customers buying experience on your shop. Banners allows you to add a large image to each of your categories, subcategories and productgroups. With this you can simply just have a nice product image or tell your customers about the category they are viewing.

To set up banners you can ready more in this article: Article about banners.

Colors and site settings

It is possible to customize the color settings on both your admin-side and shop, so they match your design and brands vibe. The option to customize your color setting can help reflect on your brand so your retailers can sense they are shopping with your brand.

Customize your site settings by following this guide: Site settings article

Login page

Just like adding your own colors to your shop, you can also customize your log-in page to match your brand. Here you can add your own image or even a .gif-file to give your log-in page some more movement. Furthermore, you can also add a gifs as your logo, which is also changed on the log-in page settings. How cool is that!

Read more about settings up your log-in page right here: Log-in page settings

Emojis in categories (navigation)

You might have noticed on your admin-side, that each category has it own little icon next to it.

This is possible to add to your shops categories too. This can be done buy adding an emoji to your categories names in your navigation tab.

When the category has been changed in navigation, the emoji will appear on the shop.

To find the emojis, you can simply just google the icon you would like to find + Emoji and copy/paste this into the categories name.

To read more about how to create and edit categories/subcategories and productgroups, please read this article: Navigation article.

Design your own labels

Turis offers a few different label options for your products, but these might not be to you liking or your feel like you are missing some options to promote your products. Via 3-party editing sofwares you can edit label to your products images, to have your desired labels on your images:

Let's say your are creating a bundle with 50% off and next day delivery - You can use softwares like Canva og Adobe express to add you own label on to your images, just like so!

These softwares can also be used to create your own customized banners, images for your front pages in page builder, log-in page images and so much more!

Both softwares has free versions and are user-friendly. You can find both sofwares on the links below:

Please note, that Turis does not provide support to these softwares, therefore if any questions arises on how to use these, please contact the softwares own support.

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